Sprinkler Zone Extension

Sprinkler Zone Extension

Total Lawn Coverage

Extend the sprinkler zones in your lawn with expert solutions from Lawn Sense! If you own residential or commercial property in the greater Rockwall, TX area and want better performance from your sprinkler system, we can help. The experts at Lawn Sense have years of experience. During times with an increased focus on water usage, make sure your sprinkler zones are as large as possible to keep your lawn in great shape.

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The Benefits of Sprinkler Zone Extension

Sprinkler zone extension helps you get better lawn care with less work. Often, property owners discover that there are areas in their lawns that don’t get enough water while their sprinklers are on. It leaves corners or the edges of your property looking faded with yellow or dying grass. With sprinkler zone extension, Lawn Sense can help you reverse this and get the best for your lawn. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Less Water Use – We can configure your sprinkler zones for maximum efficiency. You can get better coverage with fewer sprinklers that means lower water use.
  • Uniform Lawn Care – Zone extension guarantees that your entire lawn gets the water support it needs to thrive.
  • Lower Maintenance – With fewer sprinklers working more efficiently, there is less chance of a breakdown and regular maintenance will be more cost-effective.

Let Lawn Sense save you time and money by making your sprinklers work better for you. With our professional sprinkler zone extension, there won’t be any part of your lawn that goes unwatered. Your landscaping will look amazing and stay uniform throughout the year by maximizing your coverage. The expert technicians on our team can deliver solutions that work.

Call us today at 972-529-8423 for an expert, sprinkler zone extension in Rockwall, TX You can rely on our team to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We’ll schedule the next available appointment to get your lawn looking great as soon as possible. Let’s get started now!